I love creating and designing and photographing things but a lot of what I create and shoot often just sits in a folder on my computer never to see the light of day. Sometimes I feel what’s the point in sharing this, what would people do with it?!

Last year I came across Elizabeth Gilbert’s book called Big Magic which is about creativity and living beyond fear.  One section mentions that as a creator my job is to create. I am not in charge of what happens after that. I cannot control if someone will love or hate my work. It is not my concern if people throw it in a dustbin or stick it on the wall. My job is to express my creativeness and not take responsibility for what others do with it. That meant a lot for me as I always fear that people will judge my work and think it’s rubbish, so I end up hiding 95% of what I create, or expecting it to fail.

It has been a bit of a long and winding road to work through my fears, but I am making progress slowly but surely. One way I have decided to try to do this is by having a section of my website where I can share my designs for free to help build up my confidence in showing what I have made. Today (I feel like a little creative warrior running into battle now – eek!), I decided to open this box of tricks up! In the section Free Downloads you will find some free downloads that I have created and wanted to share with you.

I have made these items free to download to say thank-you for taking the time to look at what I have made and also being part of a small stepping stone helping me live in less fear of being creative and less controlling about what happens to all my art, prints and crafts that I create! I hope what you find here makes you smile and you think of someone you care about who may enjoy it too. Share it with them, make them smile and I guess as they say… pay it forward:)



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