This year I was lucky enough to become an aunty to a super cute little niece, Charlie! This cute wee bundle lives in Australia, so I have only had the chance to see her in photographs and over facetime, (thank goodness for technology!).  Mum and I have bought her loads of little outfits and bits for the nursery, but I wanted to give her something that she would have for longer than a few month,  like a little keepsake and something that was a bit more thoughtful.

After looking at so many websites and spending hours on Pinterest, I felt inspired enough to create something myself and personalising it especially for my little niece. I started designing small patterns and taking inspiration from nature with feathers and flowers. I bought a foiling machine and eventually made the perfect original and unique print!

Sometimes as nice the things in the shops are it is so much lovelier to have a personalised gift. If you want to give your friends or family with a new baby an original and unique gift, you can order yours here:) 

A perfect gift for a new baby, a christening or as some lovely decor for the childrens room or nursery. Babies initial with name and date of birth printed in foil.

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